Family Chore Chart for Kate

I’m grateful to friends for helping me find my crafty voice. Take this family chore chart, a design collaboration with my coworker-turned-friend Kate. Last year, when I sought sympathetic testers for custom sewing projects, she approached me with this idea.

Kate wanted to organize chores for her three young children. She’d browsed online and identified options for a wall chart. Her wish list: a) burgundy to match her kitchen, b) woodland creatures for the kids, c) a design for Mom and Dad that’s not too cutesy, d) several chore rows with 3 columns each, and e) an overall size of 16″ x 48.”

Kate made kid-friendly cards. When enough tasks move to the completed column, that child gets to "shop" for something in the family store.
Kate made kid-friendly cards. When enough tasks move to the completed column, that child gets to “shop” for something in the family store.

Armed with these parameters, I set off on the challenge. For me, part of the fun is figuring out how make something from nothing. (I couldn’t find a pattern to follow, so I gathered ideas from a variety of related projects.)

That weekend I was heading to my childhood hometown of Austin, Texas. “How’d you like an excuse to visit your favorite fabric store when I’m in town?” I asked Amy, a crafting mama I’ve been friends with since 5th grade. I think you can guess her answer.

My first homemade bias tape!
My first homemade bias tape!

While there, we discovered this bear pattern, which came in green, brown, and blue. I bought all three. Of course, though, I had to mix it up. For the pocket borders I wanted fabrics that weren’t obvious but complemented the design. The modern, mustardy-yellow pattern would add sophistication to the childlike bears.

The biggest challenges were learning to make bias tape and working with vinyl “fabric.” Overall, though, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

What’s a DIY home project you’ve been browsing?

11 thoughts on “Family Chore Chart for Kate

  1. I was a Pre School Teacher (retired now)… first off what a fabulous idea for parents… but now it matches the kitchen! Your sewing skills are fabulous! I also loved how you made your infinity scarf… what a great idea!
    I can not sew but am always intrigued by people who have this talent…
    I however take photos and love doing that… but I have found a new love… wire wrapping. I live in Arizona and we find beautiful rocks out in the mountains. We bring them home and polish and I wrap them and make some pretty pendants. I may have to do a post on that one day.
    I found you through blogging university 101… We Passed with flying colors! :D :D :D
    Good Luck o You!

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    1. Thanks, Nancy. Enjoy your new life (and sweet new man)! Yes, you and I are official Blogging 101 grads now. :) Woo! Yes, you should do a post on one of your rock pendants. Thanks for checking out my projects. I have so much fun making them. In fact, I have four lined up for the coming weeks–hat, scarf, purse, and inspiration cards for my regular blog feature, “Be Good to You Today. ” I love a good project!

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      1. I love projects as well… I am off to start one now. I purchased lapis stone beads and I am going to make a few stretch bracelets to go with a blue colored rock that I will wire wrap. Enjoy your day!

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  2. This is a bit off topic, but I am taking Blogging 101 again. One of goals next time is to start a Pinterest board and get a Pinterest pin on my blog just like yours. I hope that isn’t too “copyish”. I’m just so impressed. (That is, if I can do all of that!)

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    1. Taking the class again makes sense. There was so much to try out; you could take each prompt in a new direction or get to things you didn’t have time for this time. I look forward to seeing how it comes together! And you can do it. Have fun making your Pinterest board!


    1. Wow, Fynn+Cade, you just made my day! Feel free to post your pic when you’re done. I recommend a teflon foot for the vinyl, but maybe you already know this. (I don’t have one, and it was a pain. It’s on my wish list now.) I love the look of your site. I can’t wait to explore it more.


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