The Tiny Joys of My Everywhere Bag

Photo by the talented pattern designer Kathy McGee. Taken at the end of our fun little class.

Some crafts have tales to tell about found materials. Not this bag, though. Instead, it tells a story of found opportunities.

This tote wasn’t supposed to exist. I hadn’t planned on making a market bag; the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. But one day I got an email from a friend.

Would I be interested in a bag-sewing class, she wanted to know. It was three days away. Her life had gotten crazy, but she didn’t want to forfeit her spot.

I pushed aside some minor hesitation and decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did. Sure, I could have stuck to my weekend as planned, but then I’d have missed out. I’d have sacrificed creating what has since become favorite everywhere bag (and all the tiny joys it brings).

I love how the fabrics came together. I appreciate that the straps and colorful main panel came from my stash, left over from abandoned projects. I enjoyed meeting the instructor, Kathy McGee, who designed the Sigrid Oilcloth Market Bag pattern. I can’t wait to try something from her book of happy projects for bikes! And of course, I appreciate the generosity of my girlfriend who bequeathed the class in the first place.

Because I bring the bag everywhere, it accompanied me on a recent trip to the salon. (It was a longer appointment, so I just had to bring books, right?) A sudden thought occurred to me as the stylist cut my hair: The bag was positioned for a photo op! It was hanging in a well-lit spot, with a simple textured background to boot.

salon_stationSo I did something I’d never attempted before. I started snapping photos right there from the chair. (That’s what blogging has done to me, I tell you! Gone are the days when I can pass up a photo.) I guess that’s not all blogging’s done. It’s helped me stop and see loveliness where it didn’t exist before. It’s encouraged me to capture a fleeting moment and attempt to make it last. To that I say, why the heck not?

So, what about you? What happy accidents have you encountered?

10 thoughts on “The Tiny Joys of My Everywhere Bag

  1. I found your blog via a face book link and have just spent a happy hour exploring and reading of your repurposing and. Creative endeavours. I loveyour writing style as well as the shared interests and especially that your blog isn’t full of awful adds. You have a new follower and it is prompting me to take up my own neglected blog again.


    1. Dee, you just gave me the biggest smile! I so appreciate that you took the time to encourage me. What’s your blog? I’d love to see it. Even if your posts are slightly vintage, you know I’ll enjoy them even more. :) Send it my way, you fellow creator, you.


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