Get Cozy with Your Inner Crafter

Chances are, you’ve got a thing or two on your to-do list this month. No matter what it is you’re fired up to do, it’s going to require some energy. You know you need to take care of yourself to preserve it, so I’m here to give you a little nudge and make sure that happens.


Let me tell you about two of the best hours I spent this week. Yesterday was the first Sunday of the month, which meant it was time for Crafternoon at my friend Heidi’s place. She’s been hosting these gatherings for more than a year, and yesterday she joked she’s really just looking for an excuse for free advice about how to decorate her apartment.

The truth is she’s one of the best connectors I know, and she brings an orbit of welcome wherever she goes. She brims with project ideas, and I never tire of seeing what she’s making. Even so, I don’t get there every month, sometimes because–say it with me–I’m just too busy. But this time I made self care a priority, and it was the right choice. (Hint, hint.)

The format of Crafternoon’s pretty simple: Show up with the project of your choice, find a spot, and hang out for a bit. (Heck, having a project isn’t even a requirement. Just show up, like Katie did this time.) When I walked in the door, the word cozy came to mind. Everybody was working on something warm you’d reach for during the winter months ahead.

Don’t you just love the cushiness of Sammi Jo’s scarf? She introduced me to arm knitting, which creates this chunky texture. No needles required!  Check out this arm knitting video from The Crafty Gemini. Then let me know how it turns out!

Rachel was knitting a hat, in the loveliest shade of purplish grey. “Name your color, and I’ll make you one,” she offered, without missing a beat. Sure enough, this hat had been requested by her coworker.

Why yes, I think I’ll have some tea with my knitting.

This month Heidi continued her watercolor series depicting the Twelve Days of Christmas. As she completes each day, she finds a frame and hangs it on the wall. Continually making room for her newest creations, Heidi’s walls feature a different display each month. Can you name the four days from the song  depicted here?

The coziness continued with some rooibus tea. (We may not have been clear on how to pronounce it, but we enjoyed it just the same.) Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever been to Heidi’s without being offered some tea. Her display cabinet features an artful supply of mismatched cups and saucers, ready for the choosing.

This sweatshirt, a favorite of Jill’s, was was a gift from her mom years ago. Since moving to Minnesota 15 years ago, I’ve learned the value of having a comfy loungewear rotation.

In addition to the treats Heidi provides, we often bring our own. Because Crafternoons fall on Sundays, the group sometimes scrounges leftovers from events the night before. This time Jill brought cupcakes from her book club’s annual party.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these. Jill made a tiny version of each book her club read this year, complete with marshmallow cream and fondant.


The last to arrive, I was also the last to leave. It was just getting dark when I packed up and headed home. Since Heidi lives across the street from the St. Paul Cathedral, I figured I’d take shot for the road.

Till next time, Crafteroon!

So that was my favorite self care moment from the week. It felt good to surround myself with friends and the chance to be creative. So what about you? What can you make time for that will help maintain your energy?

5 thoughts on “Get Cozy with Your Inner Crafter

  1. How fun! Glad you made the time.
    I have spent the last several days relaxing all by myself at my Lake House. Loved every minute! I cleaned, I fluffed, and just sat sipping cocoa or wine. ( there wasn’t any tea!). Ha ha ha!


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