Adopt-a-Crop: Choose the Best Pic

One of my fave things about photography is the cropping tool. Seriously, y’all, I looove cropping photos! But why should I get to have all the fun? Let’s play a game I’m calling Adopt-a-Crop. The rules are simple: I create multiple crops of the same shot; you choose the best one. Last weekend at the park reserve near our house, my guy snapped a pic of me with our Frankie girl.

Ready to play? Great. Now, adopt your crop by taking the poll below.


A: The Sky’s the Limit to Doggy Fun



B: Golden Tree, Golden Girl



C: Grounded in Snow and Love



Feel free to explain your answer in the comments. I’d be curious to hear what drew you to your choice. Either way, thanks for playing along!

22 thoughts on “Adopt-a-Crop: Choose the Best Pic

    1. She is indeed beautiful. Last year on a were walk around a neighborhood lake, a passerby smiled and said, “Now there’s a dog that’d never win the ugly dog contest!” It was the time of year when that contest was in the news. Thanks, Gingermakes! :)


  1. For some reason I loved A. Was it because I saw it first? Or was it that even though your Dog and You are the focus of the picture… only some of you both was shown. That was appealing to me.
    All the shots are fun! and how fun to vote.
    Please share how you posted this poll onto your blog. I would love to try this soon.
    Happy New Year!


    1. Oh my! My grammar was awful. Here too, I was on my phone. Anyways… Only some of you were both shown… is how it should read! HA HA HA I came back to read how to do a poll. I have decided the phone makes it much more difficult to type correctly!


      1. Nancy, you have no idea how happy this makes me! I’ve been thinking long and hard about next steps for my blog, and the thing I really want is to serve as an educator and provide inspiration. I’m in the process of figuring out details. Thanks so much!!!


  2. I think the composition might be better if you flipped the image of B. The dark trees at the right pull your eye and you are sort of “done” reading it – don’t go back to the joyous subjects – but if you see the trees first (our habit to scan from the left) you linger longer on the joyful, active image at the right. At least, in theory :)


    1. Wow, I really appreciate your perspetive, Ren. I hadn’t thought of flipping the photo. Also, I just followed your blog. I love, love your description of writing and mentoring. Yes, perspective can indeed change how we view ourselves and our stories in a transformative way!


  3. Aww, cute doggy! I picked B, because I love the play of colors. But my second choice would have been A. If I was putting it in my scrapbook, all that blue sky space would be a lovely place for some journaling.


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