Join Me in February: Mend, Make, Change

It’s my first linky party, y’all! What does that mean? I want to hear your stories. So, anytime in February, write a post about how mending or making has changed your life or someone else’s. The change doesn’t have to be big. (Though if it is, who am I to stop you?)

Maybe you’ll make a note for your kid’s lunchbox, and it’ll bring a smile to her face. Perhaps you’ll take a step toward mending a habit you’d like to repair. Or maybe you’ll tell about a project that’s making a difference in your community. Who knows? You might even make a craft project out of an item that needs mending. Regardless, share a story about changing life for the better.

Sure, the graphic says “mend you, make stuff,” but you can interpret the theme however you want.

By all means, be liberal with your interpretation. Post a photo, write a poem, dream up a fiction piece, or write a straightforward post. Whatever you do, don’t worry about perfection. Just take part in the conversation.

Then, every Wednesday during February, I’ll write a round-up featuring some of your (sure-to-be inspiring) posts.


  • Get into the spirit of encouraging others, taking care of yourself, and making stuff.
  • Anytime in February, write a post on the theme.
  • When your post is ready, go to the Mend, Make, Change Link-Up Page add your entry.
  • Then, read at least two posts from your fellow party contributors.
  • Pick your fave post from a fellow party-goer, then share it generously on your social media of choice.
  • Check back here on Wednesdays in February. I’ll write a round-up of the stories submitted that week.
  • If you have questions or recommendations, shoot me an email or a write a comment. (Remember, this is the first time I’ve done this, so I’m open to suggestions.)


  • Use original content throughout your post. I know you know this.
  • The point is dialogue, so don’t link to giveaways or anything you’re selling.
  • Go ahead. Have fun.


19 thoughts on “Join Me in February: Mend, Make, Change

    1. What a great article, Debi! I got divorced 3 years ago. My story may be different, but the need to find my voice again feels very similar. It has a lot to do with my make, mend, change theme! Did you want me to include this in the linky party?


  1. Hi, BlueCarPaintedGreen!
    I’ve wanted to join you from the very beginning and now I’ve got the post I had in mind.
    As I don’t craft or mend or do any beautiful real things you do, I wanted to write something to try and “mend peoples lives”. All my blogging is about helping people live more happy, healthy, fulfilled lives – that’s why I write. I wonder if you will find it interesting and helpful…
    Here is the link (and I’ve added it to the InLinkz – hope I’ve done it correctly :)):


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