This New Year, What Will You Create?

“The new year is a great time to create something.” Yay, they were the words of a kindred spirit, all right. And I was psyched. Three days before, I’d taken a risk. I’d put myself out there, in the hopes of finding fellow makers and doers. It’d taken me weeks to build up the nerve, but I’d finally posted a request for readers to submit stories to my very first linky party: Make, Mend, Change. And now, this quote had come from the party’s very first submission!

Linky parties are a method for bloggers to create community. They’re an invitation for others to write about a certain topic on their own blogs. Then, the original blogger organizes the posts together in one place, so like-minded readers can find a lively dialogue there. And though I didn’t know what I was doing, I decided I wanted to learn.


The thing is: The only way to learn anything is to get comfortable wading into unfamiliar waters. And so, I went for it, despite the “I’m okay with failure” post I’d already started writing in my head. You can imagine, then, how thrilled I was to see a comment pop up: “I guess somebody had to be first.” It was written by Linda of The Linda Life, the brave New Yorker who jumped right in and became the party’s first linker.

That alone was enough to endear her to me. But then I read her post and discovered that, yep, she’s a fellow maker, indeed. I especially loved this part: Just as I was taking a risk to build an online community, Linda was out there doing the same thing to build one in real life. It was enough to bring on a fist pump.

I took this shot while visiting Austin, Texas (my former hometown), in 2014. On a leisurely walk around Town Lake, I couldn’t help but notice this underpass. Whatever these decals  were promoting, I must say I liked the message!

I enjoyed reading about Linda digging through the snow on the way to the bloggers’ group she founded. You can’t win them all, but now, I can’t wait to see how her group grows. So fellow bloggers. . . who’s ready to join Linda and me on our quest for community? I’d love to hear your own story of mending, making, or change. Changes big or small are welcome, and you’ve got all of February to submit your story. Till then . . . happy Wednesday!

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