Why Women Write: Global Edition

If you’ve been following along, you know I recently put out a call for bloggers to share their stories. Not just any stories, I thought you’d enjoy hearing from creative women about how they’re living the theme: Mend, Make, Change. Each Wednesday in February, I’m writing a post about entries from the week.


Last week, we met Linda from New York City, who’s making things happen by starting her own blogger’s group. I appreciated the spirit of her story: Undeterred by snowy streets and the possibility of no-shows, she went to the craft store anyway. Across the miles I’m cheering her on, and I hope her attitude will inspire you to go for it and start making that change you’re contemplating.

This week’s week’s submission comes to us from Poland and is all about writing. I was thrilled when this comment popped up on my blog: “I’ve wanted to join you from the very beginning and now I’ve got the post I had in mind.” The commenter turned out to be Emilia Ciepla of The Light Inside of Us, which is available in English and Polish. 

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard not to feel uplifted by a blogger who describes herself this way: “I’m someone looking for sense and light in life and if I’m lucky enough to find them I’m delighted to share them with you.” Her post this week, “Please, Come Out,” reads like poetry and encourages us to let go of limiting thoughts. As someone who’s spent the past few years working on this, I concur that life’s better when I manage to achieve it. 


Reading Emilia’s words got me thinking about women’s poetry and its ability to travel the globe. My thoughts immediately came to a blogger in Oslo whose work is so powerful I pause after reading each poem, just to take it in. If you’re a lover of language’s stark beauty, or need a reminder that humanity can be positive, I urge you to visit Nomzi Kumalo’s What Are You Waiting For. You only have to read as far as her About page to encounter wisdom such as this:

I believe that silence is golden. I believe that language is power. I believe that most answers lie in nature, meditation and yoga. Within ourselves. Participating in good causes big and tiny. I believe in love.


Before I started blogging, I couldn’t have predicted how much sanity I’ve gained from participating in this online community of creatives. Amplifying voices of encouragement makes a difference, and my own perceptions are more positive, thanks to the women who are making it happen.

It’s not too late to join the party. Bloggers, feel free to link your stories to the my mend, make, change page. For the next two Wednesdays this month, I’ll reflect on any submissions that come. Till then, I wish you light and love.

9 thoughts on “Why Women Write: Global Edition

  1. Thank you very much, Suzi! It’s such an honor and pleasure to read your words about all those wonderful women and including me among them!!!
    Many thanks for all your work to organise the linky party – I think it’s a great idea!
    And I would also like to thank all the wonderful people who visited my blog and liked my stories :)
    You’ve made my day :)
    Emilia C.


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