Women and Husbands: Two Stories of Empowerment

Hi, friends. It’s a Wednesday in February so you know what that means. It’s “Make, Mend, Change” sharing day! This month I put out a call for bloggers to submit stories involving making stuff, mending self, or changing life. Creative women around the world are doing these things every day, and I wanted to surround myself (and you!) with their stories of proactivity.

As it happened, this week’s entries brought two different perspectives on the same theme: husbands. One found her strength after divorcing hers, and other used gardening to celebrate hers. First up came Debi, who submitted her entry through a comment on my blog. I was pleased to discover her blog Hanging Out with Debi, which provides “simple plans for mastering the mental game of reinventing yourself after divorce.”

Story #1: Empowerment Through Divorce

Wow, if Debi’s site doesn’t embody empowerment, then I don’t know what does. I know because I’ve been there myself. I could have used her strategies three years ago, when I went through my own divorce. At the time I remember thinking, “If divorce is as common as the stats say, I can’t believe how many of us are walking around carrying this level of pain.”

Indeed, it took me years to rebuild my circumstances and spirit. For me, self care was no longer a luxury and renewal became intentional. I simply had no other choice. I could have used Debi’s Vibrational Life Transformational Flight Plan and her reminders to ask myself, “So, what do you want?” Replacing negative thoughts with positive action is, in fact, the entire point of my blog. Though Debi’s story and mine (and yours and yours) are different, the need for reinvention is the same.


Story #2: Celebrating a Healthy Hubs

Whatever difficulties each of us are facing, surrounding ourselves with can-do types will help us along the way. This brings me to my blog-link party’s second entry for the week, a story of renewal I was thrilled to see this post pop up from Sarah the Recreational Gardener. (You may remember her from my recent thrift-shop jaunt and subsequent discovery of a new like-minded, weird lovely friend.)

It gave me great joy to read about the burst of purple she’s added to her kitchen counter. Her addition of this orchid was enough to make me smile on its own, but the reason behind it makes story even better. I learned Sarah and her hubby had endured a health scare a couple years ago, when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He underwent surgery and has been cancer free ever since.

Her choice of a vibrant orchid strikes me a like a fitting reminder. After all: I, like Sarah, appreciate the value of finding brightness during Minnesota winters. My heart goes out to them and any of you who may be facing your own cancer journeys. And, as Sarah points out, organizations like the Testicular Cancer Society and the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation are here to help. “If I can inspire one person to either self-check, our encourage a man in their life to check, then my goal is met,” she says, and I support her message.


We’re midway through the month, so keep your stories coming! Write a post or link an existing one to my party. Next Wednesday, I’ll post a recap. If you’re not a blogger, feel free to comment and let me know what “make, mend, change” means to you.



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