Modern Bag in Dotted Grey


Here’s a kicky little bag I made because I had some fun fabric. It’s a water resistant type called laminated cotton. Discovering this stuff opened up a world of new possibilities for me. It’s lightweight (feels similar to quilt-weight cotton), and I’ve found it elevates the look of any project.

Finding laminated cotton can be a challenge, though. Fabric stores tend to have limited selections, if they carry it at all. So, I went online and discovered this grey-dotted version. I loved its modern aesthetic.

But the fun really started when I got to combine it with fabrics from my stash. Designing fabric mixes is my favorite part of sewing. I swear, putting together patterns gives me a dopamine hit or something. (For me, buying premixed fabric combos is blasphemy. Why deprive myself of all the action?)

The fabric for the interior pockets came from the annual garage sale hosted by the wonderful Textile Center of Minnesota. The strap, from my local JoAnn’s, added to the funky, clean vibe. The wide yellow strip of flowers on the front came from my closet. I have one confession, though–the awesome grey peacock interior was from the same fabric line as the exterior. (Gah! It was too beautiful not to break my own rule of ordering pre-designed combos.)

Fusing disparate pieces to create an artistic whole gives me energy. What about you? What gives you a hit of creative energy?