It’s Crafternoon, So Pull Up a Chair


When’s the last time you lolled away an afternoon with friends, making crafts and having snacks? If you don’t have an answer, then it’s been too long. Take a page from my friend Heidi’s playbook, and start hosting Crafternoon.

Last year she began these monthly Sunday gatherings as a present to herself on her birthday. (Don’t tell her this, but in the end we’re the ones who got the gift.) The format’s pretty simple: Invite a few friends over and provide treats. Tell everybody to bring a project and that anything goes.

In my experience, anywhere from two to five people show up, and no two gatherings are the same. Here’s what happened this month. Pull up a chair and join us.

Bree’s Doctor Who Scarf Grew (And So Did My Knowledge of British Pop Culture)

It turns out Bree’s brother is a Doctor Who fan. Along with BBC lovers across the globe, he knows all about The Doctor’s legendary scarf, which–depending on the episode–has ranged from 6 to 14 feet long. (Correct me, die-hards, if I have these numbers wrong.) Naturally, Bree’s brother will be the recipient of her eventual scarf. Well played, I say: Way to combine a hard-core winter project with an amusing gift!

Heidi Cracked Us Up with Her President’s Day Cards

Heidi’s a reader and a history buff. And let me just warn you now. Most of you probably don’t want to go head-to-head with her in a U.S. presidential trivia contest. If you’re one of her Facebook friends, you receive updates on each president’s birthdays, complete with a historic photo.

Sorry, President McKinley. The FB crowd can be pretty harsh. To be fair, your eyebrows do resemble Sam Eagle’s from The Muppet Show. But Heidi brings up a good point. You deserve to catch a break, since you were the last president to serve in the American Civil War, then got assassinated while in office.

I Got to Say Hi to Jill, Then Prepped Some Upcoming Blog Posts

So Jill and I know each other solely through Crafternoon. Even on the first day we both showed up, we had no trouble covering topics from books (her habit of researching scientific topics that appear in novels) to divorce (mine from a few years back, a story for another post). Jill usually has a sketchbook in hand, and it wasn’t till this meeting that I learned she’s a legit designer with a blog of her own.

Jill was heading out as I arrived, but she was kind enough to let me take this shot of her by the door. (Crafternoon spans several hours and functions like an open house.) I then proceeded to load up on some buffalo chicken dip so I could focus on my craft of the day. Be on the lookout for these decorated inspirational quotes. They’ll appear in my blog’s
soon-to-be regular feature, Be Good To You Today.

So, how do you connect with your own community, crafting or otherwise?