Upcycling Mittens to Help Save February

heart_closeupI’d worn mittens for 120 days in a row. Well, close to it, anyway. This was late February, y’all, and it was time for a bright new pair. I’d also been dying to make them again. I’d only sewn mittens once and that was last winter.

So I set out to try again. I’d lost track of the pattern I’d used, so the web search began. I found a handful of tutorials and set to work. Guess what I discovered? Making mittens is a snap, but only after you’re done and know what you’re doing.

Unless you have YouTube Sandy, that is. If you want to upcycle a pair of mittens, let me save you some time: You need Sandy in your life. Here she is, dutifully showing each step in her video, “Make Mittens from Old Sweaters – Fast and Easy.”

As usual, my journey began with a trip to the thrift shop. Never underestimate the fun of this step! If you want to join me, here’s your mission: Find three sweaters that combine in a way that makes you smile. In the end, I rejected my “blue on blue on blue” idea and chose three bright heathers. They were practically made for each other, I determined.

So, what do you think: Did I make the right choice? If you were crafting mittens, what colors would make you happy on (yet another) subzero day?